Stampe & Vertongen Museum Nocturne


 The well known Stampe & Vertongen Museum situated at Antwerpen/Deurne airport organised a very successful "Nocturne" on Saturday evening February 3rd, 2007. Some 80 very interested enthusiasts were guided through the museum's collection by volunteers dressed in period uniforms or clothing adding much to the already special night-time feeling. Visitors were offered a drink and could see a picture on Antwerp legendary pilot Jan Olieslagers. Professional (BAHA) photographer Paul Van Caesbrouck caught for us the exceptional atmosphere in the night-time Stampe & Vertongen museum.


Visitors are briefed by a "1920's aircraft worker" on the restoration of the Fokker D.VII of the museum.

  Night time SV-4B engine and Nieuport 28.

Nieuport and SV-4B

A "German soldier" explains how the V-1 was operated.

Superb scale model of a Delta Air Transport DC-3.

Paul Van Caesbroeck (February 2007)


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