Young "Red Devils" meet Old Red Devil "Hawker Hunter"



On Saturday December 15th, 2012, our friends of the "Sierra Bravo" website have organized their annual meeting in the Aeronautical Department of the Royal Air Museum. For the occasion they invited the Belgian Air Force's "Red Devils" pilots for an informal meet and greet.

An excellent opportunity also for today's official Belgian Air Force demonstration team to meet with the Museum's Hawker Hunter F.4 painted in the colors of the "Red Devils" team as demonstrated way back in the fifties and early sixties.

One of the first remarks of Devil  N° 4, "Stef" was: "Superb machine, but they had less avionics than we have today on our much smaller Marchetti's"... but as Dylan sang ... "The Times They Are a-Changin".

Keep up the good work "Red Devils" and see you at the 2013 airshows.

Red Devils & Hunter

Senior Captain Alain 'PAPY' Collard (Devil 1), Lieutenant Stefaan 'STEF' Braem (Devil 4), Senior Captain Albert "AL" Baltus (Devil 3) and Lieutenant Steve 'MAG' MALBURNY (Devil 2), the 2012 "Red Devils in front of the Hawker Hunter

Red Devils & Hunter

"Red Devils" Leader "Papy" in the Hunter cockpit

Red Devils & Hunter

"Stef" inspecting the Hunter  ...

Red Devils & Hunter

... so does "All". Basic... very basic instrumentation in this more than 50 year old Red Devil aircraft.

 Red Devils & Hunter

The "Red Devils" 2012 an their support crew.








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Thx Serge for organizing a splendid afternoon






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