Olympic runners team on visit at Beauvechain Airbase

Kim GEVAERT, Elodie OUEDRAOGO, Hanne MARIËN, Olivia BORLEE, the four ladies running the "4 x 100m estafette" who stand a good chance to bring home some precious metal from the Beijing Olympic Games have been visiting Beauvechain airbase to meet their forces with Belgian Air Component F-16 demonstration pilot Cdt. "Mickey" Artiges. This "fast persons" meeting which took place on June 25th, 2008 provided some unique photo opportunities.

And they did it !!!! 

Congratulations in winning the Silver Olympic medal for Belgium. Team work at the highest level.

No, it is still a single seat F-16AM ....

"Mickey" enjoying some good company.

Always training, even on a runway....

Not always at ease for things to come.....


This was definitely low...

Mickey in action at Beauvechain in F-16AM FA-101

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