"Open Factory Day" at SNBA and DAT


For the second time, SN Brussels Airlines and Delta Air Transport participated in the “Open Factory Day” that took place on October 2nd 2005.


About 8000 people took the opportunity to visit SN Brussels Airlines based at Brussels  International Airport.  

In the main hangar two aircraft were on display, a BAe/Avro Regional Jet and an Airbus A319 which were opened for the public.     

Very popular to the visitors were the display-stands such as the engine shop, an overview of the in-flight (catering, magazine) services, cockpit simulators, the freight division, cabin repair shop and sales shop (SNBA related products).

Next to the airlines own info stands, a lot of aviation related participants were displaying their products, from aviation schools like SN Pilots Academy to model aviation clubs and code sharing airlines like American Airlines and Etihad Airways. Some schools were also represented, giving the kids / parents info to follow various courses with a possible career in aviation.

 The airline organized also 7 sightseeing flights over Belgium lasting aprox. 45 minutes. Thanks to the good weather, the seating capacity of 700 tickets was sold out in no time.


A headline for this year's "Open Factory Day" was female friendly companies. SNBA has actually about 30 female pilots. Comparing to other European airlines is SNBA one of the frontrunners. Since a couple of months also the first female maintenance engineer in Belgium is working for the company.

This was a unique chance to see a young airline and is organisation behind the normally secured doors.

More information aboyt SNBA/DAT can be found on the following website:  http://www.FlySN.com

Text and pictures by

DIRK A. GEERTS (October 2005)

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