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Republic RF-84F Thunderflash gate guard

 Republic RF-84F-15RE Thunderflash FR-29 (USAF serial number 51-11279) joined the Belgian Air Force on 13 August 1963 and flew with No. 42 “Mephisto” Squadron, which was based for some time at Florennes Airbase. The dedicated reconnaissance aircraft was withdrawn from use and transferred to Coxyde airbase for storage on 26 October 1971 after 2,834.35 flying hours. After serving for a short time as an instructional airframe at the Belgian Air Force Technical School at Saffraanberg, it was brought to the Headquarters of the Tactical Air Force at Evere, where it remained as a monument until the site was handed over to NATO for the construction of a new headquarters. The Thunderflash was evacuated to Florennes Airbase, where it stayed in half-open storage until it was refurbished in the framework of the festivities around the 60th anniversary of Florennes as a Belgian Air Force airbase. The aircraft recently received an honoured place at Florennes Airbase halfway between the main gate and the air traffic control tower.

 Republic RF-84F Thunderflash FR-29 Florennes

 FR-29 at its new honoured place at Florennes Airbase on 25 April 2008.


F-16AM Fighting Falcon test aircraft

Lockheed Martin F-16AM FA-88 is at present flying with a sticker on its vertical tail reading “TEST MULTI-FIX 22-01-08”. As this aircraft is one of the batch sold to Jordan, it could mean that it is being used to test some special equipment or weapons system for the Royal Jordanian Air Force. The truth, however, is less sensational. Multi-fix is a Genk based company manufacturing all kinds of printable adhesive films for advertising and other purposes. The company is one of the Belgian Air Component’s suppliers of adhesive films, which are among others used to produce stencilling for aircraft. FA-88 serves as a test aircraft for some of the products of multi-fix. Multi-fix films, however, are not only used for small stencilling, but also for much more prestigious aircraft wrapping projects. Just have a look at

 Lockheed F-16AM FA-88 Florennes

 Lockheed F-16AM FA-88 Florennes - detail 

FA-88 during the Fly to your Dream event at Florennes Airbase on 07 February 2008.


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