Sabena old timers' Lodestar will be restored in Belgium


Since months, there were persistent rumours about the possible sale of the Lockheed Lodestar owned by the Sabena Old Timers based in Zaventem.

The association well known for their restoration of the Westland Lysander OO-SOT moved from its previous location to a new workshop at Melsbroek after the destruction of a hangar at Brussels airport.

After completing restoration of Tiger Moth T-6534 and having delivered the nimble machine to the Royal Army Museum, the Sabena Old Timers volunteers are now working hard to restore two Westland Lysanders, one for static presentation at the Royal Army Museum, while the second one is to be restored in flying condition being the property of the association. At the same time the volunteers are also busy completing a second Tiger Moth.

On 20/02/2007, Sabena Old Timers' board of directors voted a plan for the restoration of the Lodestar to flight status. The schedule is to have the aircraft ready in 4 years (work is to start by the end of 2008).

The inspiring subject of this magnificent restoration project; Sabena's Lockheed 18-07 Lodestar OO-CAJ

The association is looking for volunteers especially for sheet metal work and to overhaul and prepare the two Wright 1820 57 engines. Ex-Sabena workers as well as anyone prepared to help is welcome to assist in this project. The restoration workshop is situated at Melsbroek in hangar H159 and 114 and the volunteers are active each Tuesday and Thursday.

The subject of this project seen some years ago. (Photo Eric Dessouroux)


For more information please contact: Daniel Stockmans phone 0474-781431 or 02 /7537457 (Tuesday and Thursday) E-mail or or

More pictures and full description of the project.

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Sabena Old Timers (March 2007)

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