Fly To Your Dream 2014


   Rapidly becoming an important date in the agendas of many youngsters, the annual Air Component "Fly To Your Dream" job day was again organised at Beauvechain airbase on Friday March 7th, 2014. The event attracted some 300 youngsters between 16 and 26 year old who are interested in a job with the Belgian Air Force. Jobs range from pilot to air traffic controller but also including a huge spectrum of technical and administrative jobs.

 F-16AM FA-68

An office with a view

  At the event potential candidates could talk to Defence personnel who only recently joined the forces and as such being of the same age group, which greatly facilitates informal contacts. During the one-day event that this year was blessed with some extraordinary weather the visitors could discover at close range a large number of aircraft and other equipment in service with the Air Component. Many aircraft, including the brand-new hNH90 TTH helicopter made fly-bys and on several occasions F-16 fighters demonstrated mock attacks on the base. Those interested could make a short flight in an Embraer ERJ-145 or an Agusta A109BA Hirundo helicopter to get the "Air Force" feel.  A day which for many could lead to some major career decisions as in 2014 the Belgian Defence is recruiting over 1.400 people including 180 officers, 525 warrant -Officers and 695 soldiers and marine personnel.


Young Air Component student-pilot trying to take away any doubts on a job decision...

The Belgian Air Component's newest hardware: the NHIndustries NH90 TTH RN-06

Same age group.. all ears....

If you missed this event but are still interested in Defence vacanies look here:




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