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 Gate Guardian Beauvechain

On Tuesday February 21st, 2012 the Belgian Air Component organized the 5th edition of its Job Fair: Fly To Your Dream. On this event youngsters between 16 and 24 years old are informed on the different professional specialties the aeronautical branch of the Belgian Defence has to offer.  Firsthand information can be obtained from experienced military personnel as well as newly recruited staff.  For this occasion a complete “recruiting village” was erected in the former QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) area of the military base of Beauvechain, south East of Brussels.

Youngsters could experience a complete interactive environment, including Seaking helicopter rescue demonstrations, simulated F-16 base attacks, Agusta helicopter or Embraer rides and several other demonstrations. Some 230 people showed up for this exceptional day and enthusiasm was all around. The fact that all participants were allowed to fly in a Seaking or Agusta helicopter or an Embraer aircraft was for many of them one of the highlights of the day and certainly the best way to get introduced to the Belgian Air Force.  In 2012 the Belgian Defence has vacancies for some 1.500 military jobs, 720 soldiers and sailors, 445 warrant officers, 180 officers and some 155 EVMI (Military Volunteers)

More information about all Air Component and other Belgian Defence jobs can be obtained here:

Some impressions of Fly To Your Dream 2012

Agusta H26

A complete Agusta A109BA Hirundo crew explaining ....


Some "future" female pilots are all ears for a rather successful young student pilot of N° 5 Squadron.

B Hunter

UAV technology exposed.

F-16AM Interception

Embraer ERJ-145 CE-04 giving the "Fly To Your Dream 2012" participants an aerial taste of their potential future job, is being intercepted at low level by two Florennes Based F-16AM's






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