Fly To Your Dream - 2010   -   Impressions



The annual "Fly to Your Dream" job day organised this year at Kleine Brogel airbase, attracted over 300 young people interested in a career with the Belgian Air Force.

Through a large variety of presentation stands interested youngsters could obtain information on the several job opportunities available with

the Belgian Air Force ranging from pilot, over weather specialists and military flight control to operating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

During the day the possibility was offered to fly in several machines such as the Embraer RJ145 and Agusta, Sea King or Alouette III helicopters.

For a good many this was definitely a first step towards realising their dream.



Marchetti info

Student pilots give first hand information on becoming a pilot.



Alouette III

An experienced Alouette III pilot informs youngsters on working for the Wing Heli




A female Agusta pilot and colleague Marchetti driver discussing the career possibilities with the Air Force





An armament specialist explains some of the operational capabilities of the "Ultimate Dream Maker", the Lockheed Martin F-16AM fighter.


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