Farnborough 2008


Global economic concerns like the environment, skyrocketing fuel prices and plummeting stock exchanges were expected to have a reducing effect on the Society of British Aerospace Companies Farnborough Air Show. The pavilions of the main constructors, however, seemed to be larger and more ostentatious than ever before and the four large halls were fully packed with exhibitors from all over the world. Airliners and freight carriers may have to cope with a few difficult years in the short term, but the confidence shown by the manufactures at Farnborough seems to indicate that the air transport market will prosper again in about a decade or so. Defence spending remains high in the Middle-East and in Asia, as well as in many nations concerned about homeland security or involved in the war against terrorism abroad. Are the present global economic concerns just a transitional phase towards a greener civil aerospace industry and a more innovative military one with changing priorities or are manufactures denying the present economic and financial reality to please their shareholders?      


The attendance of Belgian aerospace industry was at the same level as at the 2006 edition. All major manufactures from Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia were present in a common stand designated “Belgian Aerospace”. During the public days, activities at the stands started somewhat slower and later in the morning, but in the afternoon Belgian beer was flowing abundantly, proving that the past business days had been successful?


There were no Belgian aircraft in the static or flying display. Cessna 560XL Citation Excel OO-FPA of Deurne/Antwerp based Flying Service NV probably made a business flight to Farnborough as the aircraft left again about an hour after its arrival on 19 July 2008.

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