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 FS Forever

 In the late 1990s, the Belgian Air Component applied the USAF style tail codes FS and BL, derived from the ICAO codes for the air bases of Florennes (EBFS) and Kleine-Brogel (EBBL), to a dozen or so aircraft as a test. While the 10th Tactical Wing seems to have abandoned this type of unit markings in favour of the Red Lion on an Air Force blue shield to identify its F-16s, the 2nd Tactical Wing continues to use the FS tail code on its aircraft. A number of additional aircraft have been noted recently with new, somewhat bolder FS lettering on the vertical tail fin, like these FA-115 and FB-02.



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New Colour Scheme for Belgian F-16 Solo Display Aircraft

 Lockheed Martin F-16AM FA-131, the preferred aircraft of Commandant Michaël “Mickey“ Artiges, received a special display colour scheme for the 2007 air show season. The Air Component opted for a low visibility colour scheme in order to preserve the aircraft for operational duties as well as to give it a certain cachet when displaying. A small No. 1 Scottish Thistle Squadron badge underneath the cockpit reveals the display pilot’s unit. The crew chiefs’ names are painted on the port main landing gear door.

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