Belgian Participation at EMS 2006


Each year, the French Air Force (Armée de l'Air) organizes the “Enseignements Militaire Superieure” (EMS) exhibition at Base Aérienne number 123 Orleans. The aim of this exhibition is to demonstrate the capabilities of the French Air Force and especially the CFAP (Commandement de la Force Aérienne de Projection or Transport Command) and the CFAC (Commandement de la Force Aérienne de Combat or Fighter Command).  In 2006 the 16th edition of this event was organised on September 21st. Some 200 students from all military academies in France and invited military attaché’s from foreign embassies in Paris were present.
 At the static show all French fighter and transport aircraft
-types showed their weapons and capabilities. Various military students in colourful uniforms from all countries over the world walked around and inspected the aircraft. Besides the regular French aircraft such as the Mirage 2000, Mirage F1, Rafale, C-160, E-3, C-135F and C-130, participants of the European Air Group (EAG) were also present, German Tornados and Phantom, Italian AMX and Spanish CN-235.
 During the afternoon, a dynamic show was p
resented by transport aircraft flying from Base Aérienne 123 Orleans and fighter aircraft temporarely based at Base Aérienne 279 Chateaudun.

The crowded flightline at BA 279 Chateaudun

Besides Armée de l’Air aircraft, the flying part of the exhibition also included the French Navy E-2 and Rafale, English and German Tornado’s, Belgian F-16’s (FA-82 and FA-136) and Swiss F-18’s. The show was enhanced with pyrotechnics to simulate bomb attacks. Aim of this dynamic show was to show fighter roles like ground attack, SAM suppression and CAP (Combat Air Patrol). The transport aircraft delivered paratroopers and cargo by parachute. One C-160 landed on the grass strip to deliver a jeep to support the landed parachutists. Upon landing, the paratroopers 'freed' some (fake) hostages and took them away in the C-160, taking off from the grass strip. After the cargo aircraft, some helicopters showed a Search and Rescue (SAR) mission, using Puma and Gazelle helicopters.

Belgian Lockheed F-16AM FA-82 taxies out for its display rehearsal

  On September 20th, the rehearsal of the participating fighter aircraft was photographed at the Chateaudun base, at 40 km distance from the Orleans base. The flightline was filled with some 30 aircraft: French Rafales, Mirage 2000 C,D,N’s, Mirage F-1’s, English and German Tornado’s, Belgium F-16’s and Swiss F-18’s. In the afternoon the machines were prepared for the rehearsals and after take-off circled the base until they had to perform their demonstration at Orleans.

FA-82 landing

 Acknowledgments: Thanks to SIRPA.AIR (Paris) for their support


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Sentry Aviation News (October 2006)


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