The 2014 Belgian Air Force Demo teams & Public Event


The Belgian Air Force has presented its 2014 Demonstration Teams and Pilots for the 2014 display season as well as the main public event it will be organising this year.

Lieutenant General Avi Claude Van de Voorde, Commander of the Belgian Air Component flancked by Colonel Avi Paul Desair, Commander of Kleine Brogel Airbase and Mrs. Sofie Naeyaert, Public Relations of Comopsair.



The 2014 Belgian Air Force Demonstration Teams


F-16 Solo Display

 For the third consecutive year Senior Captain Avi Renaud "Grat" Thys of N° 350 Squadron based at Florennes will be the Lockheed Martin F-16AM Solo display pilot, again flying the specially decorated F-16AM FA-84. Aged thirty-one, "Grat" was born at Verviers and joined the Belgian Air Force in 2001 obtaining his wings as military pilot in 2004. He then went to Cazaux airbase in France for advanced jet training on Alpha Jet 1B. In 2005, "Grat" returned to Belgium to start his conversion on Lockheed Martin F-16AM with the Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) at Kleine Brogel. "Grat" has more than 2.000 flying hours - 1600 of which on F-16.

Senior Captain Avi Renaud "Grat" Thys

"Demo" F-16AM FA-84


The Red Devils

For their fourth display season the " Red Devils" Marchetti team is composed by the following pilots: Leader and Devil 1 Senior Captain Avi (Res) Paul "Polle" Leys (7.000 hrs), Devil 2 Senior Captain Avi Davy "Daffy" Vanhaeren (3000hrs), Devil 3 Senior Captain Avi Corentin "Reggio" Leveau (2000 hrs) and Devil 4 Capt Avi Steve "Mag" Malburny (1700 hrs)

The 2014 Red Devils: from l. to r. Devil 4 Steve "Mag" Malburny, Devil 3 Corentin "Reggio" Leveau, Devil 2 Davy "Daffy" Vanhaeren and Devil 1 & Leader Paul "Polle" Leys. They are all Instructor Pilots (IP's) at N°s 5 and 9 Squadrons based at Beauvechain.


Agusta A109 Solo Display

For the 2014 display season the Agusta A109BA team remains unchanged, being compsed of Capt Avi Filip "Shaggy" Peremans (1700 hrs) and Captain Avi Kevin "Que20" Beckers (1400 hrs).

The Agusta A109BA Solo Display pilots Capt Avi Filip "Shaggy" Peremans and Capt Avi Kevin "Que20" Beckers both operational pilots with N° 17 Squadron based at Beauvechain.


Belgian Air Force Airshow Particpation 2014

F-16 Solo Display Agusta A109BA Display Team Red Devils
18/05:  Lens (F.) 21 + 22/06:  Cazaux (F.) 08/06: Cosford (U.K.)
20 + 21/06: Gilze-Rijen (Nl) 28 + 29/06: Dax (F.) 14 + 15/06: Bergeneustadt (D.)
28 + 29/06: Roma (I.) 14/07: Valenciennes (F.) 22/06: Karup (DK)
05 + 06/07: Nancy (F.) 24/08: Kristianstad (Sw.) 28 + 29/06: Dax (F.)
12 + 13/07: Fairford (U.K.) 30 + 31/08: Sliač (Slovakia) 05 + 06/07: Nancy (F.)
20/07: Ämari (Est.) 06 + 07/09: Payerne (CH.) 26 +27/07: Cleethorpes (U.K.)
26/07: Yeovilton (U.K.) 13 + 14/09: Kleine Borgel 06 + 07/09: Hradec-Králové (CZ)
06 + 07/09: Payerne (CH.) 13 + 14/09: Kleine Borgel
13 + 14/09: Kleine Borgel
20 + 21/09: Bardolino (I.)
26 + 28/09: Athens (Gr.)
27 + 28/09: Malta (Mlt.)

Belgian Air Force Days 2014

On 13 and 14 September 2014 the Belgian Air Force will organise a major event at Kleine Brogel Airbase called

 "Belgian Air Force Days - A century + Air Power in Belgium".

This large-scale event will focus on showing the operational capabilities of the Belgian Defence and the Air Force in particular and will celebrate at the same occasion 40 years of F-16 operations at Kleine Brogel airbase.

12 September 2014: Recruiting Event / Job Day

The "Air Force Days" will be preceded on October 12th, 2014 by a recruiting event which whereby schools are invited to participate in guided tours of the airbase. Students will have the opportunity to see and feel life on an operations Belgian Air Force bas and will obtain information on the equipment, tasks and operations of the 10th Wing. They will also see the arrivals of the aircraft participating in the Air Force Days and visit special exhibitions on First World War air operations, flight simulators, armament etc. Potential recruits for a Job with the Air Force will be able to have first hand accounts from personnel of the different specialised jobs employed on the base and might be interested in a flight in a real Air Force aircraft.

13 and 14 September 2014: Air Force Days including a Joint Power Demo

For many certainly to be "the" highlight of these two days will be the "Joint Power Demo" which will show in a very condensed form what Belgian Defence is capable of and how the different Component work together in a tightly nit and orchestrated operation. This very convincing and breath taking demonstration was first shown at Beauvechain airbase last year (see Belgian Wings Special Feature: 100 Years Belgian Military Aviation: Exercise Centennial) and will be followed by a major International airshow of the highest order. The participation list as for end April stands as follows:

At the same time a World War I exhibitnion will be organised and will include some of the vintage aircraft involved in this first ever conflict in which the air arm played a major role.



Up-to-date information on this special occasion can be found on the dedicated website



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