The Belgian Air Force Display Teams 2011


  On May 4th, the Belgian Air Component had selected Florennes airbase as the setting for the presentation of its display teams for the 2011 Airshow season. As the Belgian Air Force celebrates the 65th anniversary of its recreation as independent arm (the actual name Belgian Air Force was only adopted on September 15th, 1949) Belgian Defence intends to accentuate this event by organising one of the world largest airshows at Koksijde airbase on 6 and 7 July 2011 and on top of that honour its glorious history by resurrecting the famous Red Devils aerobatic team.  

Presentation Demo Teams 2011

Presenting the 2011 Dsiplay teams and Koksijde aishow: from l. to r. Col Bruno Havermans Base Commander Koksijde airbase, Air Component Commander Major Gen Claude Van de Voorde and Florennes airbase Commander Col Michel Colles



Red Devils

Red Devils

The new Red Devils lined up at Florennes Airbase on May 4th, 2011

The Red Devils are reactivated on the nimble Siai Marchetti SF260 as a spin off from the formation team created two years ago as "Hardship red".  For this purpose four (a 5th spare may follow soon)  Marchetti's have received the now traditional red colour scheme with national tricolore under the wings of the Red Devils. The original team was initially created on Hawker Hunter F.6 in 1957 and very soon became one of the major players on the airshow scene of its day. Due to major budgetary cuts in the early sixties the team was abandoned when the Hunter was finally withdrawn from use with the Belgian Air Force. In 1965 the then Major Jacques "Red" Dewaelheyns  could convince the Belgian defence authorities to re-establish the famous aerobatic team, this time flying the light jet trainer Fouga Magister. All pilots were instructors of the advanced pilot school of Brustem. Very soon the new "Red Devils" managed to pick up the reputation of their predecessors to become one of the best teams in the world. Finally after many very successful display seasons the team again was deactivated in 1977.

Red and the Red Devils

Team leader of the Red Devils in 1965 Jacques "Red" Dewaelheyns and the new Red Devils

Red Devils Koksijde 9 July 1966

"Red " Dewaelheyns leading the Red Devils on Fouga during the Koksijde Airshow on July 9th, 1966 and the new Red Devils perfoming at Florennes.    45 years later, only the aircraft type is different...

Red Devils 2011

The 2011 edition of the Red Devils is again composed of four very experienced Instructor pilots based at Beauvechain airbase under the guidance of team leader Commandant Alain Collard.

Red 1

Cdt Alain Collard  - totalizes 2800 flight hours on aircraft such as the C-130H Hercules, Alpha Jet and Marchetti. He previously was a member of the Hardship Red team.

Red 2

Lt Stefaan Braem  -  totalizes 1700 flight hours on helicopters and SF260 Marchetti

Red 3

Cpt Albert Baltus  -  totalised 2100 flight hours of which 650 on F-16, 1250 on Alpha Jet and 200 on Marchetti.

Red 4

Lt Olivier Gilson  - Totalised 2850 flight hours 200 of which on helicopters and some 850 on Marchetti) He also was previously a member of Hardship Red.

Red Devils Break

Break after display

Stef Braem Red Devils

Red 2 Lt. Stef Braem taxiing along the public

Red Devils

Definitely a very attractive colour scheme.



Lockheed Martin F-16AM Solo Display

F16AM FA110 The Vortex

As last year, Cdt. "Mitch" Beulen is designated as the official F-16 display pilot for the 2011 season with his now customary flamboyantly decorated F-16AM M5 FA-110 "Vortex".  For the 2011 season some minor decoration details have been applied to the "Vortex".

F16AM FA110 The Vortex

Spot the small differences in the 2011 colour scheme of the "Vortex"

Michel "Mitch" BEULEN of Kleine Brogel based N° 349 (F) Squadron was born on June 16th, 1975 at Oostende. He acquired his first flying experience with the Belgian Air Cadets (BAC) in 1992. In October 1996 he included the promotion pilots (Prom Pil) 96B. From January 1997, Mitch received basic flight training in the 5th Squadron at Beauvechain on SF260 Marchetti, the advanced flight training on Alpha-Jet in the 7th Squadron and the initial operational training in the 11th Squadron. On 16 December 1998, he received his pilot wings.

Mitch totalizes more than 2250 flight hours of which 2000 on F-16.

F16AM FA110 The Vortex

Mich is ready to go.


Agusta A109BA Display Team

Agusta H24 display

The Agusta A109AB Hirundo demonstration has been for many years a crowd pleaser performing stunning manoeuvres in constant and close view of the public. As last year the 2011 A109BA display team is composed of:

The 2010 A109BA display team is composed of:

1st Lt Igor CRAEGHS Igor  - Totalises 2200 flight hours 1700 of which on the A109BA Helicopter.

Lt Rutger ANDRIES  - Totalises 1800 flying hours 1200 of which on the A109BA Helicopter.

Agusta H24 which is to be used by the team has received low visibility show markings.

Agusta H24 Display 2011

Agusta Display team

Pilots and crew of the 2011 A109BA display team



Koksijde International Airshow 06 & 07 July 2011


 Koksijde Airshow 2011

This year’s main theme for the International Airshow at Koksijde airbase will be the 65th anniversary of the Belgian Air Force. In a change to the tradition of organising the airshow during the first weekend of July, the show will now be held on Wednesday 6 July from 14h00 till 22h00 and on Thursday 7 July 2011 from 10h0 till 18h00.

Main attraction will be the presence of 8 aerobatic teams many of which of world class such as the USAF "Thunderbirds", France's "Patrouille de France", the RAF "Red Arrows", the "Turkish Stars", the "Saudi Hawks" and of course also our own "Red Devils". The near future of the Belgian Air Force will be illustrated by the presence of the Airbus Military A400M transporter and the NH90 helicopter (the first Belgian machine which is to arrive at Koksijde airbase in October 2012)

New to the show will be a massive coastal  fly by including most of the airshow participants between the coastal resorts of Knokke and Koksijde. This exiting event will take place as of 18h00 on Tuesday July 5th, 2011

More airshow information can be found trough this link.




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