50 years ago Boeing 707 OO-SJB went down at Berg near Kampenhout.


On February 15, 1961 Sabena flight SN548 was involved in a crash, killing 72 persons on the airliner and one person on the ground.

Sabena flight SN548 was a transatlantic flight from New York to Brussels. On approach things went very wrong. Probably due to material failure the aircraft crashed in the vicinity of the airport, less than 2 miles from the runway.

The 707 made several circles before crashing into the ground. The plane caught fire and no one survived the crash. The FAA commented that the most plausible hypothesis was a malfunction of the stabilizer.

It seems that the crash was the first fatal accident involving a Boeing 707 in regular passenger service. Until today, the unfortunate event still lives in many people’s memory.

Hangar Flying organised an exhibition concerning the crash and edited a book as a reminder so that the victims will never be forgotten.

 More information at www.hangarflying.be



A photo feature:

Boeing 707 OOSJB

Sabena Boeing 707-329 OO-SJB (c/n17624)

Overview of the very interseting exhibition  at Villa Lucie - Gemeenteplein Kampenhout.




The Monument remembering the victims.

Our thoughts go to the relatives of the victims.


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