Belgian avionics in Russian aircraft


Belgiumís Crown Prince Filip led an economic mission to Russia from June 26th till July 1st 2006. A Belgian company that is very active on the Russian aerospace market for some years now is avionics manufacturer Barco.


Kortrijk based Barco is internationally recognized as a technology leader in the field of high-performance display systems and image processing subsystems for aerospace applications. The company produces a wide range of avionics for military and civil aircraft from primary flight and navigation displays over control display units and engine instrument displays to onboard information terminals and situational awareness displays.


As a spearhead enterprise in its sector, Barco also became active on the Russian aviation market after the major political and economic changes that took place during the early 1990s in this country. Barco opened its Russian branch in Moscow on May 1st 1998. The Belgian company nowadays supplies avionics for numerous aircraft types produced in the Russian Federation, among which the Antonov An-124, Beriev Be-200, Ilyushin Il-114, Kamov Ka-226 and Tupolev Tu-204 and Tu-214. So far, Barco is only active on the civil aircraft market. According to Sergey Lazukov, business development manager of Barco Command and Control in Moscow, foreign companies can only participate in Russian military aircraft programmes under certain conditions, like transfer of know-how. Another condition is local production of the offered systems. Barco is at present exploring the possibility of avionics production in cooperation with Russian partners, but talks are as yet only in their early stages.   


The fact that Barcoís Moscow branch at present counts 15 employees and that Barco was the first  ever Belgian participant in the Moscow International Air and Space Salon (MAKS) in 2005, prove that Barco considers the Russian aviation industry as a market of great opportunities.


In 2005, Barco was the first ever Belgian company to participate in MAKS at Zhukovsky, Moscow

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