On Saturday 17 June 2006 the Belgian Aviation History Association organised its annual "BAHA Meet" and conference. This time Col. Eric Vormezeele and both members of the aerobatic "Slivers" team were invited to talk about their aviation experiences of the past.

Eric explained in detail how he made the first post restoration flights in his Buchon aca-Messerschmitt 109. During his talk he also showed a film made of these first two flights accompanied with some very interesting and often very amusing commentary. It takes a "real" pilot to ride this rather high spirited old lady.

Eric Vormezeele explaining the flying characteristics of the Me109 while BAHA president Jean-Louis Roba shows a ME109 drawing

Eric Vormezeele and Palmer De Vlieger exchanging "pilot stories"

In the afternoon Col. Steve Nuyts and ADC. Palmer De Vlieger, the original "Slivers" surprised us with an astonishing film made by Steve mostly taken from the cockpit during the hair-raising manoeuvres. Both pilots gave us detailed comments and opened up a new world for most of us. Even the hardened F-16 pilots in the audience (Gen. Gérard “Flurk” Van Caelenbergh, Peter “Patja” Stams, Peter “Celle” Celis and Ploem) confirmed us that it was not all that easy to maintain both Lockheed F-104G's within the perimeter of an airfield and that in the pre electric-jet times it was a very demanding job needing a whole lot of precision and courage.

The Slivers reviving their airshow times for the very interested BAHA public

Palmer De Vlieger and Steve Nuyts with BAHA member Patrick Janssen (centre) who magnificently restored a "Slivers" Helmet.

"The Slivers"

Again this was a most memorable and well organised gathering which due to its success also took us to the limits of the seating capacity at the marvellous Broken Wings Museum.

Patrick Janssen magnificently restored this "Slivers" helmet.

See you next time.

Daniel Brackx (text), Ludo Van Hout (pictures) & Paul Sels (pictures)

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