Storm Tide  -  Large Scale Evacuation Exercise



Between 16 and 21 November 2014 a large military exercise was organised on several locations in Belgium. The Light Brigade was to evacuate Belgian subjects from the fictitious country “Belyria”. In this country the situation became unstable at the point where the Belgian Government decided to evacuate all Belgian subjects. Operation Storm Tide.

Belgian Defence has permanently military personnel on standby to execute a similar evacuation anywhere around the world.

During the large-scale manoeuvre military personnel is training the different procedures involved in such an evacuation. This particular exercise takes places from Oostende to Liège and Maastricht and to train as realistically as possible some 300 civilians participate as extras. For their own safety they have to leave the fictitious country as soon as possible. They will join the military personnel at so called assembly points. Later on the military will escort these expats to airfields from where they will be evacuated to safer places by means of Lockheed C-130H Hercules transport aircraft.


A pictorial report presented by Adj Jo Vanden Broeck, Comopsair – IPR :

Wevelgem Airport


Oostende Airport






© Jo Vanden Broeck (Belgian Air Force -November 2014)






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