Electronic Warfare Exercise "Rainbow Warrior"



       Between Monday 24 November and Thursday 27 November 2014 exercise “Rainbow Warrior“ was organised to test and train the proficiency of pilots in the field of Electronic Warfare.
For the exercise a detachment was formed composed of some 8 pilots of N° 17 Squadron Multi-role helicopters and including the necessary operational and technical support provided by the 1st Wing of Beauvechain airbase as well as three Augusta A109BA helicopters.
      The largest part of the exercise was staged at the Firing Range of Lombardsijde military barracks. This firing range is an area especially reserved for this type of exercises off the coast at Lombardsijde in the North Sea.
      During the execution of tactical training flights several signals are simulated giving the crews in the cockpit warnings through the Radar Warning System of systems being locked onto their communication systems being jammed by enemy electronic devices. At that moment it is up to the crews to take as soon as possible the correct action in view of a particular threat. On if these actions could consist of firing flares.
To make this exercise even more realistic the Dutch Koninklijke Luchtmacht provided the JAMCAR that can generate a multitude of radar and communications signals via the numerous electronic systems aboard.
       By the end of the week the participating crews all had the chance to make a number of training flights that sharpened their Electronic Warfare skills.


A pictorial report presented by Adj Jo Vanden Broeck, Comopsair – IPR :


Participating helicopters



The KLu JAMCAR and some of its equipment





© Jo Vanden Broeck (Belgian Air Force -November 2014)






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