Minister Steven Vandeput meets the Belgian Air Component


     On Tuesday November 25th 2014 the new Belgian Minister of Defence (MoD) Steven Vandeput (NVA) has received a formal presentation of the Air Component at Florennes airbase. At the same time the military personnel briefed him on the diversity of missions and the capability of the Air Force.

      A special static display presenting a large spectrum of equipment used by the Air Component was organised including an Lockheed Martin F-16AM with full armament, a Lockheed C-130H Hercules transport aircraft, Siai SF.260 Marchetti and AMD Alpha Jet training aircraft next to helicopters such as the venerable Westland Sea King and Alouette III, the Agusta A109BA next to newcomers as the Airbus Helicopters NH90 in land and navy versions. The locally based 80th UAV squadron was proud to present its B-Hunter unmanned aerial vehicles while the minister could also meet members of the Force Protection and their armament as well as a dog master with his military security dog.

A photographic report:

The Minister seated in Lockheed Martin F-16AM FA-91 while being briefed by a pilot.

Minister of Defence Steven Vandeput

 Minister of Defence Steven Vandeput receiving information on the smart weapons used on the F-16.

MoD at Florennes 11/2014

A word on Force Protection and its armament.

MoD at Florennes 11/2014

The locally based 80 UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Squadron gets the attention of the Minister

MoD at Florennes 11/2014

A young Instructor Pilot (I.P.) gives information on the basic trainer aircraft Siai SF.260 Marchetti.

MoD at Florennes 11/2014

An all female Agusta A109BA Hirundo crew.

MoD at Florennes 11/2014

Still going strong..., the Lockheed C-130H Hercules transport aircraft.

Airbus Helicopters NH90 NFH RN-02

The brand new Airbus Helicopters NH90 NFH RN-02 ...

MoD at Florennes 11/2014

... and its "greener" version the NH90 MTH.

MoD at Florennes 11/2014

Retirement is approaching rapidly for this magnificent machine and undisputed peaceful icon of the Belgian Air Force.




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