Yves EMPAIN recently found (in the archives of a long-time disappeared Charleroi hospital) some reports about fallen German airmen of a Fighter School. That unit, based on the Belgian airfield of Nivelles (between Brussels and Charleroi), was designated as Jagdstaffelschule O.G.L. II. All the documents are dated of 1918, when Allied troops were approaching the Belgian borders. We can than presume that that unit was a sort of "O.T.U.", a kind of perfectionnary School where the pupils flew a short time before being sent in the nearby Jastas (dispersed on the Franco-Belgian border).

From end of March to Mid-October 1918, we count fourteen casualties, i.e. around two men killed in a month. A ratio very comparable to those of 2nd WW! The training was costly, the pupils having to fly in the hard war conditions. And, in 1918, the German Army had already lost the war...

Until May 1918, the corpses could be repatriated and buried in the Homeland. In June, it was certainly no more possible...

Here is the list of the known School losses:

-28 March 1918: Gefr. Willy WEHRMANN, born 3 April 1894 in Grosstädeln.

-12 April 1918: Lt Jakob STRASSER, born in Viecht

-2 May 1918: Uffz. Günther FRANZKE, born 20 August 1893 in Burg Dithmarschen.

-4 May 1918: Gefr. Franz ZAWADE, born 13 December 1896 in Koschnin.

-6 May 1918: Sgt (?) Karl SKRYBEK, born 22 October 1894 in Charlottenhof (Beuthen).

-13 May 1918: Gefr. Willi DEBUS, born 30 September 1893 in Nastätten (Wiesbaden).

-1 June 1918: Uffz. Paul PIETSCH, born 2 August 1893 in Bad Pyrmont.

-14 July 1918: Uffz. Fritz HAGEDORN

-20 July 1918: Sgt (?) Johann FAQUENOD, born 13 April 1892 in Halbach-Bürbach.

-4 September 1918: Uffz. Oskar BRACHMANN, born 20 January 1882 in Penzig.

-18 September 1918: Ofw. Karl ZICKGRAFF

-20 September 1918: Lt Walter MOHNKE, born 5 July 1894 in Berlin.

-2 October 1918: Gefr. Paul HÖLKL (?), born 14 July 1892 in Neunkirchen.

-14 October 1918: Uffz. Jozef THOMAS, born 27 April 1891 in Mühlhausen.

On 11 November 1918, 1st WW ended. The school was perhaps disbanded in the beginning of that month?

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