Belgian Air Service first mounts 


De Caters Aviator (1911)

De Caters Aviatik (1911) : Offered by Baron de Caters to King Albert 1er. Used for training at Brasschaat.

Henry Farman / Jéro type Ecole

The first aircraft ordered by the Belgian Government for the Compagnie des Ouvriers et Aérostiers was this Farman (Henri) Type Militaire 1910. This machine equipped with a 50hp Gnome engine was used as of December 1910 to train the first candidates eager to become pilot. It was also the first and only aircraft on which the words "ARMEE BELGE" were painted to distinguish it from the other (civilian) Farman's based at Kiewit aerodrome. 

Henry Farman HF3 type militaire 1910

Farman (Henri) Type Militaire 1911. Four aircraft ordered in 1911 to train the first military pilots. The first two were destroyed almost immediately in accidents. Later produced under licence by the Bollekens company for their civilian school.

Henry Farman / Jero HF20 (Type 1913)

Henri Farman HF 21 (Type 1913): This two-seater was the standard machine in service at the outbreak of war. Around twenty (HF 20 and HF 23bis) were produced under license by the Bollekens Company others (see above) were provided by France in 1914.

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